Wedding planning is a job in and of itself. Probably why having a wedding planner is usually an amazing asset to your life during this time in your life. There are so many activities, options and expectations to manage, you may find yourself with what we call “decision fatigue.” So how can you de-stress after […]

Did you know that technically every piece of our clothing should be tailored? Other than that being incredibly expensive, we all have different bodies and it is very unusual for clothes to fit each one of us perfectly as is. Thankfully for us in this sense, street clothes are designed and widely accepted to not […]

You probably know that there are different bridal gown fabrics in this fun and exciting thing we call wedding dress shopping. But what you may not realize is how these different fabrics affect the shape of the gown and how that shape affects you. We often see brides who come in who are open to […]

Bridal gown shapes and silhouettes are one of the first things you can focus on when shopping for your dream dress. Part of feeling amazing in your gown is directly related to the shape and silhouette of the dress and we are here to help! With several shapes and styles to choose from, it can […]

To say that we feel blessed to have Bella Lily Bridal open for 4 years is perhaps an understatement. We feel BEYOND blessed to look back at these last 4 years! What better way to celebrate than with a remodel and expansion of our little shop. (Though not so little anymore!) Our expansion was always […]


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