Who Do I Bring To My Wedding Dress Appointment?

“Who do I bring to my wedding dress appointment?” A fantastic question and one that can have many answers. We’re breaking down the pros and cons to all possibilities and what we recommend when it comes to choosing the most self-expressive gown you will ever wear.

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Bring the Important People

MOM. (And/Or Dad!) If you know you can’t make this big decision without your mom, wait to make an appointment when you know she can be there. We’re not going to lie, there is something truly special about finding your dress and it can certainly mean having the “moment.” You really never know when it might happen, so making sure you have your mom there to share that with you and witness it, is super important and something you’ll never forget.

And that also goes for the important people in your life, too. If you know there is someone that you can’t imagine making the decision without, (even if that is your fiancé!) wait to make sure they are available for your appointment and be there with you.

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Careful of Too Many Opinions

Here at Bella Lily, we do ask that you bring no more than five people. Not only is the shop an intimate setting, but it is possible for a bride to have too many outside opinions when it comes to her dress. Do remember, this is your time, your moment and ultimately, your decision. This dress should represent you and make you feel absolutely amazing! Of course, we want our favorite people to like it, but you must make yourself happy first and foremost.

Be Mindful of the Important People with Too Many Opinions

“But what if it’s very important that I bring a certain person, but they are extremely opinionated?” Great question! This is ultimately your decision, but we have seen the negative side of this situation too many times to suggest it having them there. We are here for YOU and want you to have the best time possible!

In this type of situation, we can suggest that before your appointment, go ahead and have a conversation with this person. Communication is key. Let them know how much you appreciate them and are excited for them to come. But also let them know that this is YOUR appointment and you are looking forward to finding a dream dress that truly reflects who you are.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Come By Yourself

If having certain important people at your dress appointment is not your thing, no worries! We have seen many an independent bride find her dress in the store without having several guests. It really gives you a chance to think about the gown and feel your own feelings about it.

And you’re not totally alone! We really like to think of ourselves as wedding dress fairy godmothers or surrogate best friends to you. We get just as excited as you when you find your dress and we are so thankful to be a part of it!

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There may indeed be many more scenarios and answers to this question, but these have been the ones we hear the most. If you do have another situation that you think we could help answer, we are all ears! Like we said, we are here for you and can’t wait to have you in the salon. Whether it’s with mom or the whole gang, remember that’s it 100% ok to put yourself first.

Hope to see you soon!

-The Bella Lily Team

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