Dress Shopping Ready? Here’s What To Expect At Bella Lily!

You’re engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! This is one of the most exciting times of your life and we are thrilled for you! Love is why we do what we do and we love seeing how in love our brides are, both with their special someone, and their dress!

Finding your dress at Bella Lily Bridal / What to expect at Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

So, yes, you’re engaged! Now what? We discuss first steps after getting engaged here and if you want to get a head start on your bridal beauty, click here. But did you know starting your dress shopping should start about 10-12 months before the big day? Sounds crazy, we know, but it’s true! So what are some other things to expect when shopping for your dream dress? Well, we can only speak for our salon and we do pride ourselves on giving you the most memorable and amazing experience possible. And what does that experience entail you ask? Well here’s what it’s like at Bella Lily…

Making The Appointment

Making an appointment is beyond easy! Simply head to our Contact page and fill out a short form and click submit. We’ll be in touch shortly with your appointment time. And don’t forget to give as many details on what you might be looking for on the bottom of the form. We LOVE to talk about dresses, so don’t hold back! What style/vibe are you looking for? How do you want to feel on the big day? What’s most important to you? To feel comfortable? Glamorous? Elegant? Any and all of the above will help our stylists be on the same page with you and get them thinking about some amazing dresses we think you’ll love!

What to Bring

Before you arrive, make sure to pack proper undergarments. Bring with you a strapless bra, nude undergarments, and any desired shape wear. (If you’d like to know more about what specifically to bring, definitely check out our undergarments post here!) Heels are great too if you like, but simple pumps are often the best and easy to slip on and off between dresses.

Who to Bring & Who NOT to Bring

Finding your dress at Bella Lily Bridal / What to expect at Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

This is a special time and a special event! Bringing with you only those who are super important to you and who lifts your spirits and support you. Those are the crew to include. They should know you and your style and encourage you to make the choice YOU want to make. Anyone with strong opinions and those who can’t let you speak for yourself will most likely hinder and effect how you feel about the dresses. Remember, this is YOUR day. It is YOUR wedding dress. If they can’t get on board with what you like and what’s important to you, then it’s no-go on inviting them to this special experience.

We are also more of an intimate space, so we can only accommodate up to four guests in addition to you. And we love little kiddos, but with white dresses, we’re more of an adult-friendly kind of place.

Your Arrival at Bella Lily!

Finding your dress at Bella Lily Bridal / What to expect at Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

Arriving right on time to your appointment is perfect. You’ll be greeted with a smile and friendly introductions and definitely show us that gorgeous ring! We can’t wait to see that sparkler! Your stylist will then show you your own specially reserved area and room for trying on dresses. And she’ll definitely want to hear all about what you’re imagining for the big day! Share with us colors, style, or perhaps anything that has changed from your notes when making the appointment. We’ll already have some great dresses in mind before you arrive, but will of course be flexible should the vision have changed.

We are also Pinterest lovers, so sharing photos of what you like are very helpful. If you’ve tried on dresses before, let us know what you learned from it. We are excited to hear what you loved and didn’t love so much. This helps us in really focusing in on finding you the perfect dress!

Trying on Dresses!

“It is not just about saying “yes” to the dress, the real fun is in the search for your perfect dress” – Brenda Inclan / Owner

Finding your dress at Bella Lily Bridal / What to expect at Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

Once the stylist has pulled 4-5 amazing dresses fitting your style and budget, you’ll be welcomed into your private changing room. Your stylist will assist you into the dresses and get you all zipped up, buttoned up, and if needed, they will use bridal clamps to make the dress look perfect on your body. There’s something magical about trying on a wedding dress, so get ready for magic and fun! 😉

It’s OK To Say YES!

Finding your dress at Bella Lily Bridal / What to expect at Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog | Photography by Luke and Mallory

(Image by Luke and Mallory)

Saying yes to the dress is an unbelievable feeling! And it’s also a part of your own unique love story. If you feel amazing in the dress and it’s checking off everything on your list, then it could really be the one! And you know what? There are a million dresses out there that are beautiful, (these designers know what they’re doing!), and there will always be more dresses, but finding the dress is like finding your soul mate. You never know when or who with, but when you find them, you hold on to them, and of course, you say “Yes!”

Should you say “Yes to the dress”, (yay!) we’ll take your measurements and compare that to your chosen dress designer’s size chart and order you the size closest. 99% of the time, you will need some sort of alteration. So please know this will be an added cost to buying your dress. If you’d like to stay in a certain budget with alterations included, please let your stylist know. The hem, bustle for your train, and any fitting here and there on the dress will be done in alterations and are all standard in the bridal process.

Some Quick Facts:

  • Production time of dresses range from 6-8 months
  • Give yourself at least a month, if not two, for alterations depending on your schedule
  • Rushing a dress is almost always better than rushing alterations
  • Our dresses range from $1000-$3000


All in all, this is going to be an amazing experience from the moment you hear Bella Lily Bridal! From making the appointment to trying on dresses, and then finding the perfect dress, it will be fun, memorable and amazing! We can’t wait to meet you and help you find your dream dress! See you soon!


Have a couple more questions? Check out our Info page here or feel free to email us at info@bellalilybridal.com.

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