Wedding planning is a job in and of itself. Probably why having a wedding planner is usually an amazing asset to your life during this time in your life. There are so many activities, options and expectations to manage, you may find yourself with what we call “decision fatigue.” So how can you de-stress after […]

Did you know that technically every piece of our clothing should be tailored? Other than that being incredibly expensive, we all have different bodies and it is very unusual for clothes to fit each one of us perfectly as is. Thankfully for us in this sense, street clothes are designed and widely accepted to not […]

Your dress is gorgeous! The details, the fit and that long stunning train are all perfect and you can’t wait to wear it! You can see it now – walking down the aisle with that beautiful train behind you and oh, just think about the photos! But wait, what happens after the ceremony? Will the […]

Bridal Undergarments…the truth explained.     Welcome to BLB Bridal Shopping 101! As a new series, we’ll be sharing our top expert tips to not only surviving, but truly enjoying your bridal shopping experience. Here at Bella Lily Bridal, we love our brides and we know just how important searching and finding your perfect gown […]

  A romantic desert elopement for the memory books…     Romantic Desert Elopement There is nothing but awe for these amazing shots taken by Daniel Kim and Charity Maurer. Their Unveiled Workshop was a dream and we are so incredibly grateful to have been a part of it. Truly epic. True fans of film […]

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