Bridal Gown Fabrics & How They Affect You

You probably know that there are different bridal gown fabrics in this fun and exciting thing we call wedding dress shopping. But what you may not realize is how these different fabrics affect the shape of the gown and how that shape affects you.

We often see brides who come in who are open to the different fabrics and quickly learn what fabrics do and don’t work for them.

We LOVE this!

Knowing what fabrics do and don’t work for you is a building block to finding the perfect dress!

And in knowing this, along with some other very poignant questions we have up our sleeves, we can quickly identify what shape, style, vibe and personality of a gown is right for you.

So we would love to be able to give you a little insight into bridal gown fabrics and what that means for you!

Because, let’s be honest, we know how overwhelming it can be to find the perfect dress, but with a little bit of education, you can be well on your way to finding it.

And of course, we’re here to help along the way. 😉

Bridal Gown Fabrics

First up…Chiffon

This fabric is often identified as soft, airy, ethereal and usually found on a-line silhouettes.

(Visit our last post on Bridal Gown Shapes & Silhouettes to learn more about the differences and also what that means for you and your body type.)

Chiffon is a light, sheer fabric made of silk or nylon. There is almost no structure to this fabric, hence the ethereal nature it has. Like we said, this fabric is usually found on a-line silhouettes as it doesn’t possess a lot of volume compared to a-line’s sister shape, the ballgown.

If you are wanting a dress that is more streamlined and fits more with a slimming, falling-right-along-the-body shape, than chiffon is an excellent choice. She’s super comfortable and extremely light as well!

Truvelle 2017 Sneak Peek |

What we love most about this fabric:

When the wind blows, this fabric truly shines! Chiffon is light enough for the wind to pick it up and gracefully blow in the wind creating some AMAZING shots for your photographer to capture.


Tulle is described as a fine mesh net-like fabric usually made out of silk, nylon or cotton. Tulle is often used make wedding veils.

This fabric is super light too, but possesses more structure depending on what material it is made out of. We have gowns that have a more silk-based tulle, making the gown incredibly soft but has a little bit of weight to it. A more nylon or rayon-based tulle will have more volume and stand out against the body leaning towards a ballgown shape. This is great as you can get close to a fuller skirted look, but without the weight of a traditional ballgown.

Willowby Galatea Bridal Gown / Bridal Gown Fabrics
Willowby “Galatea” Bridal Gown

What we love most about this fabric:

Tulle has a reputation for being light and comfortable with a whimsical nature. The fabric gives us modern day princess vibes full of ambition, dedication and romance!


Organza is one of the more traditional bridal gown fabrics used. This fabric is also more of a sheer material usually made from silk. Described as a plain weave, it is also very light and has quite a bit of structure, making it a perfect combination.

You can often find organza to be one of the main ingredients of a ballgown. Pleated and ruched over a bodice to flowing out gracefully from the natural waist, this fabric has all the feels of elegance and sophistication.

This fabric is more prominently found on a ballgown or a-line, but with an expert hand, you can find a designer who makes a fitted gown in organza too.

Bridal Gown Fabrics / Organza

What we love most about this fabric:

It gives us all the timeless bridal gown feels. This is a great fabric for wanting to feel the ultimate bride vibe while not too crazy about lace.


We love that taffeta is described as a crisp, smooth plain weave fabric made from silk and rayon. Definitely found most commonly in ballgowns. This is more of a traditional fabric and holds it’s shape very well once placed.

This is also a fabric you will not find very often now. We have found most modern brides opt for more softer styles. This fabric is also traditionally more expensive and needs an expert hand to maneuver in the design process.

Bridal Gown Fabrics / Taffeta

What we love most about this fabric:

A classic style has its place for sure and we have a feeling the ballgown is going to be having a major come back soon.

Fifth…you know it…Lace

Lace, lace, lace. We love lace! Lace has many structures and can give off different personalities. From Chantilly lace and it’s supremely delicate nature, to a crochet lace and its sturdy and more substantial feel, lace can run the board.

Made in a web-like pattern into shapes, florals, or a continuous pattern, it is usually made from silk, cotton, and in the old days most commonly in linen. (Think grandma’s dinner napkins.)

Lace is amazing for fitted gowns. It really holds you in and feels snug. Some lace however will not have a lot of flexibility, while others have spandex woven in and still gives you some stretch.

Blush by Hayley Paige West gown || Bella Lily Bridal || Mod Chic Styled Shoot || Molly McElenney Photography - || Featured on Wedding Chicks

What we love most about this fabric:

There are so many different types of lace, but you can find this bridal gown fabric in all shapes and silhouettes. So no matter what shape gown you choose, and you want that classic lace vibe, you’ll be able to find it no problem.

Sixth…Silk Crepe

Silk crepe is not only a fabric, but has become a style in and of itself. Think the Duchess Meghan Markle or Pippa Middleton. Silk crepe has an amazing structure that is both flexible (great for fitted gowns) and strength to basically make you feel snug in your gown. Not to mention the incredible chicness this type of fabric exudes!

Most silk crepe will have a textured feel and more of a matte look in terms of color. This fabric is seen mostly on fitted gowns, but we’ve seen a couple a-lines and it looks amazing as well!

Bridal Gown Fabrics - Silk Crepe Wedding Dress - Made With Love Bridal Bella Gown

What we love most about this fabric:

Less is more! With such a simplistic and minimal look, you as the bride really shine!

Which fabric do you love?

The weight, feel and structure of a material can really change the look of a gown on a body. Before you try on wedding dresses, get an idea of what fabrics you love.

Do you have any pieces in your wardrobe already that are chiffon?

Do you love silk?

And when you think of your wedding dress, how do you want to feel that day?

Sometimes the match up of all these things will reveal the perfect dress that fits you, your personality and makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world!

Ask us any questions you have below or give us a call/email at the shop! We’ve love to help you find the perfect dress and feel this post and this one are great places to start! Hope to see you soon!


The Bella Lily Team

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