Best Natural Nail Colors For Your Wedding

You’re shopping for your dress, you’re preparing for the big day and one thing that might be left to the last minute is getting your nails done. What color should you pick? We’ve rounded up our favorites to give you some inspiration.

Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

Some pointers to keep in mind…

To give the skin a natural glow, choose a polish with a little more pink. Avoid colors with yellow undertones. For those of you beauties with that lovely olive complexion, try deep beiges or very light neutrals. Warmer, honey-hued ladies, like Beyoncé, are stunning in coffee-colored shades with orange and yellow undertones. They’ll really pop and still look very natural. 

Our Faves

We’re big fans of ESSIE polishes, but these two have been hitting our fancy lately…

Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

1.) Essie “Topless & Barefoot” $9

Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

2.) Essie “Not Just A Pretty Face” $9


“A girl should be two things. Classy & Fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

3.) Chanel Le Vernis 504 Organdi $28


For a silvery touch…

Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

4.) Deborah Lippmann “Like Dreamers Do” $18 

For the purest…

Best Natural Nail Colors for your wedding day! |

5.) Dolce & Gabbana “Pure Nude”

LOVING these two nudes from OPI!

Best Natural Nail Colors for your wedding day |

6.) OPI “Samoan Sand” $10.50

Best Natural Nail Colors for your wedding day |

7.) OPI “Bubble Bath” $10.50 

What are your thoughts on color? Share with us your plan to complete your wedding day look or let us know which of these colors you’d choose in the comments below.


One last thing…

Nail health is an important part to not only having your nails look their best in general, but definitely on the big day. Here are some quick tips in keeping your nails in top condition.

1.) Moisturize!

  • In addition to making your hands silky smooth, lotion and hand creams are also excellent for your nails. While massaging in your favorite lotion, give a little extra love to your nails. Especially when you don’t have any polish on them.


2.) Use a nail hardener.

  • Chemicals can do damage on nails and make them super dry and brittle. One way to strengthen them is by using a nail hardener. Try OPI’s “Nail Envy.”


3.) Take care with cuticles.

  • Don’t cut or manipulate your cuticles too much. They are the natural barriers to brace against fungus and infections. Plus, they’ll look red, inflamed and ragged.


4.) Take biotin supplements.

  • Biotin is said to strengthen and promote not only good healthy nails, but increases the overall health of your hair and skin as well. Always consult your doctor as to how much to take.


Best Natural Nail Colors for your Wedding! |

Hope this post on the best natural nail colors for your wedding day, and these tips on keeping nails healthy inspires you on your overall bridal style and look. Either way, we know you’ll look gorgeous on your big day!

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