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Welcome to BLB Bridal Shopping 101! As a new series, we’ll be sharing our top expert tips to not only surviving, but truly enjoying your bridal shopping experience.

Here at Bella Lily Bridal, we love our brides and we know just how important searching and finding your perfect gown is. We also believe that it is more than just about finding the perfect dress, the fun is truly in the search.

That being said, we are going to be giving our brides a few tips that will make their shopping experience a memorable one. It starts way before you step into your first bridal boutique or the first wedding dress. Preparation is key.

Undergarments are a Girl’s Best Friend

So, today, we are going to discuss “undergarments”!! Now, repeat after me, “Undergarments are a girls best friend”….well, we all know that diamonds are a girls best friend, or is it your waxing lady or your hairstylist. Well, we will let you all figure that out for yourselves. Regardless, when we say undergarments, we don’t mean just your regular cotton briefs.

Wedding gowns are a whole different ballgame ladies, so the undies need to be professional grade – i.e. supportive in areas you normally do not need support. Bridal gowns come in all different shapes and some have support while other need a bit of help. Now that does not mean you need to head to your local department store and ask specifically for “Bridal Undergarments”. Actually, going with regular undergarments is fine and a bit more cost effective. I will discuss some of my favorite undergarments and do not worry, you will not break the bank.

What Goes Underneath?

Bridal Undergarments Explained

1. A Brief Moment

Lets talk about briefs. I personally love the boy short more than I do the slip. I feel the slip style tends to ride up while the boy short stays in place and is easier to walk and dance in.

When it comes to boy shorts, they come in all different lengths so it simply depends on how much support you need. There are those that hit you at the waist and help slim and smooth out the hips/bum and thigh area or you can get them to hit all they way up to under the bust which helps cinch in the waist. Please also remember that if you are looking for a gown with a dramatically low back, you may be limited to what undergarments can be worn as you do not want them to show.

Beauty is Pain vs. Comfort is Key?

You may also want to check out the thickness of the briefs. Some are light and airy, which is nice if you are getting married in a slightly warmer climate. Others are thicker and thus provide more support/compression. Some undergarments can compress a bride up to 1/2 inch.

Now, I am not saying you will be comfortable if compressed that much, but as some girls say “beauty is pain”. I am a firm believer in comfort is key so I will always recommend something that is comfortable for you to move in.

Remember, there is no need to spend a lot of dollars to get the seamless look on your wedding day. Below I have included a few boy shorts from different retailers at different price points.

Examples: Nordstrom & Target


2. Bodysuits!

Bodysuits are the next item to discuss. Again, this all depends on the style of your gown but bodysuits are another way to get the support you need. These too, come in all shapes and lengths. You can wear a bodysuit that goes all the way to your knees or you can wear one that has a thong. They have strapless or with straps, low back or high back. I always recommend heading to your local Norstroms, Macy’s or Target and actually trying them on to get a feel for what is comfortable for you. The last thing we want is for you to feel tight and unable to breath.

If you are a bit busty, I highly recommend getting one with under wiring as this will give you the support you need to keep the girls in place. The higher the back of the bodysuit, the more coverage you will have and perhaps avoid the dreaded “back rolls”. I personally am not a fan of bodysuits. Wedding dresses are sometimes a bit heavy and I feel like I have under armor on but if bodysuits are your cup of tea, go and get yourself a good one.

Thinstincts Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit by SPANX

Maidenform® Flexees® Women’s Easy-Up Strapless Full Slip 2304


3. Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are an essential part of our everyday wardrobe and most of us have one in our drawer right now. This may be a good start and perhaps perfect for your bridal appointments. If you do not have one, I highly recommend investing in a good one because you will definitely get to wear it past your wedding day especially if the off-the-shoulder trend continues.

Again, there are so many styles out there, it will make you head spin. But do not stress, you will find the perfect bra and you will never want to take if off. You definitely want support but do not confuse support for the bra being super tight. I own a strapless bra that I loved while I tried it on at the store. A day later, I felt like it was trying to strangle the life out of me. Give yourself time and patience as you try and try and try on different styles and brands.

Sizing, Support, & Your Bridal Vision

Depending on the bust size and how much support you truly need, you can go with no underwire or with underwire. You can also try on a bustier, which has a lot more support and helps cinch in the waist too. Some strapless bras also have deep plunging fronts which helps if you are loving a gown with a sexy neckline. If your bridal vision is all about the low-back, have no fear, you can still get the support you need. There are several options for you to consider.

First, we have the adhesive bras, which I call the “chicken cutlets”!! We have all seen them and perhaps even touched them at the store. They are meant to stick to your skin and thus, you are able to wear a low back dress. Now, I am not a fan of the adhesive bras simply because I live in an area of high heat (hello, AZ desert!) and my concern is always that due to the heat and the sweat that comes with it, the bra will lose some of its adhesive powers and simply fall off. This may be just me being paranoid, but on wedding day, I do not want a cutlet falling off in the middle of the aisle.

The other option is my favorite…simply have your tailor/seamstress sew in the cotton cups to your dress. This way, you get into the gown and you are good to go. At the end of the day, you’re the bride and the decision is yours. I just want to make sure you are smooth, cinched and supported.

Women’s Annette Red Label Control Bra with Extra Side Support

Ultra Light NuBra by Nordstron

‘Uplunge’ Backless Strapless Underwire Bra by Nordstrom


One last thing to remember…

Regardless of the style of undergarment you chose to buy, make sure it is comfortable. I also highly recommend the undergarment be nude in color. Yes, you may have a cute leopard print strapless bra or adorable bright pink undies, but these patterns can be distracting when trying on light colored gowns. On a final note, undergarments are a must and please, oh please, make sure to wear undergarments to your bridal appointments as your bridal stylist and other brides who try on the gowns, will thank you for it.


Brenda & The BLB Team

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