How To Wear Your Veil With…

How do you wear your veil? With so many different hairstyles and wedding gown designs, how and where to place your veil can be tricky.

Good news is that when you are finding your gown, most salons will have veils to try on and see which kind of veil you like best. Your hair stylist who you do your hair trial with will also be able to help you.

In a step by step process, consider this order in choosing the perfect veil.

1.) Choose a veil that you like best with your gown. It’s important to have one that you feel beautiful in!

2.) Still feeling a little unsure? Go with a veil based off of your ideal wedding hairstyle. This can sometimes help determine which one as some will look better than others.

3.) Have fun with the details. There are lace trim veils, ribboned edges, pencil edges, raw edges, veils with floral appliqué, veils with crystals scattered across the veil. Some can even have an ombre look if you want a little color added. The possibilities are endless.

How To Wear Your Veil


How to wear your birdcage veil:

A birdcage veil can work with either a low chignon or with your hair down. A vintage style look, the birdcage comb or barrette is placed up higher on the head depending on how long the veil is. We love it with a side chignon and this one from January Rose Boutique on Etsy is stunning with its’ silver floral center and scattered crystals.


How to wear your veil with a birdcage veil |



How to wear your draped veil:

This draped veil from Emma Katzka Bridal gives brides wanting an ethereal look an instant game changer. Rarely seen, this type of veil is best worn with hair down and natural. The veil has two combs or barrettes you place on either side of the head. We would also suggest securing the combs with extra bobbi pins.


How to wear your veil for an ethereal look |



How to wear your full coverage veil:

There is something almost magical about a full coverage veil. The tulle or English netting is cut on the circle and can have just a raw edge or lace and beading. We love it secured in place with a hairpiece, crown, or tiara like this combination below. This “Ethereal” veil from Emily Riggs gives an old European look. Wear this style with some sort of low chignon, to the side, or half up-half down hairstyle.


How to wear you veil with full coverage |



How to wear your mantilla veil:

A mantilla veil is a traditional and lace trimmed veil that oozes grace and beauty. We love the idea of wearing your hair down in soft curls and with a side part. You could also wear your hair in a low bun which is very classic, and makes a stunning visual as well. This one from Veiled Beauty caught our eye instantly and we love the added lace pieces on either sides of the center comb.


How to wear your veil with a mantilla veil |



How to wear your veil with a bun:

Beautiful, classic, and poised, wearing your hair in a top bun is a stunning look for a bride. If the bun is placed high enough on the head, we would recommend having your hairstylist place your veil up underneath the bun. It should almost look like the veil is coming out of the bun. These veils come in a variety of lengths and easy to find. A long chapel or cathedral length veil is gorgeous with almost any dress as well!


How to wear your veil with a bridal bun |

{Photo by Jose Villa}



How to wear your veil with a hair piece:

Much like wearing your veil with a ballet bun, wearing a veil with a hairpiece has a earthy, natural, and completely elegant feel. This “Marion” hairpiece by Tania Maras has a ballet veil attached to it, which means that the tulle of the veil is not bunched up but lays flat underneath the hair. Our favorite way to wear this look is like the image below. A low chignon with perhaps pieces of hair around the face twisted back loosely. It just has a beautiful and effortless feel about it and we love it!


How to wear your veil with a hairpiece |



How to wear your Juliet cap veil:

For a vintage look that Grace Kelly and Kate Moss wore on their special days, a Juliet cap veil is perfect. Wether with lace edges or a raw edge, this veil immediately says elegance. With two pins on either side and worn much like a draped veil, the Juliet cap should be clipped in or placed right about your ears. The cap part of the veil should still sit back from the forehead so some of your hair can be seen. If you want to bring it all the way forward, you most certainly can, but we see it most often worn like the one below. This Juliet cap from Sibo Designs is not the only one she creates. We wold suggest taking a browse through to find your favorite.


How to wear your veil with a Juliet cap |



When choosing a veil, it’s important to have a one that you love. Also good to keep in mind the wind factor of where your venue might be. Any of our stylists will be able to help suggest one to go with your dream dress. That’s what we’re here for! We love to help, so don’t be afraid to ask. We hope that if you are a little confused with finding the right veil, this post will help too.

And let us know what veil you like best. We’d love to know!

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