7 Tips to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

7 Tips to take care of your engagement ring should be the first order of business…


7 Tips To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring after you've said "yes!" | Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

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Congratulations! You’re engaged! Does it feel amazing? We’ve definitely seen our fair share of gorgeous sparklers, and have picked up a few tips along the way. That little beauty may be the smallest treasure you’ll ever have, but it’s definitely one of the most valuable. It’s important to keep it safe and well taken care of. Below are 7 tips to help you take care of that sparkler and make sure it shines for years and years to come!


7 Tips to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring!


7 Tips To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring after you've said "yes!" | Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

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#1. First Month

– Statistically speaking, experts say that new brides lose their rings within the first month! Due to not being used to how their body (namely fingers) change throughout the day from morning to evening, and also in different types of environments. For those brides going to an ocean for a honeymoon, keep your ring in it’s box back in the hotel safe. Your fingers will change in the salt water!

#2. One Spot

– It’s equally important to always keep your ring in one place when you take it off. Keep your box in your purse in case you have to take it off. And keep another pretty box or ring dish in one other place – beside your bed or in the bathroom (just make sure it is placed away from the drain!

#3. Insured

– Like we said, that little beauty is super valuable. We’ve seen it time and time again and totally suggest getting your ring insured. You’ll be more than grateful you did if it ever came down to losing it!

#4. Check Up

– Take your ring to your jeweler once a year for a check up to make sure no diamonds are loose. Any scratches on the band can also be buffed out.

#5. Polish Makes Perfect

– Experts say to polish your ring once a week to keep her looking her best. Find your favorite jewelry cleaner and a gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Many jewelers say the best solution to clean with is warm (almost hot) water mixed with a little dish soap. Also, sometimes it is best to not use a ultra-sonic toothbrush as the vibrations make loosen the diamonds.

#6. Removal

– If you are cleaning, working in the garden, and even cooking, it is best to take your ring off. May sound simple, but it will definitely do well to keep this in mind. And remember to place your ring in that pretty box or ring dish to keep it safe while your hands are busy.

#7. Sizing Beads

– If you have larger knuckles, ask your jeweler if it’s possible to have them place sizing beads on the band. When your ring spins and turns below the knuckle you are subject to more scratches, bump ups, and bangs -eek! The sizing beads will help you keep the ring in place and also allow you to slide your ring on and off without much stress on the stones.


7 Tips To Take Care of Your Engagement Ring after you've said "yes!" | Bella Lily Bridal - www.bellalilybridal.com/blog

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All in all, keeping your ring safe, clean, and yes, definitely sparkly is completely possible with these 7 tips. And, it’s a strong sentiment and symbol of the love the two of you have. Taking care of a ring like you take care of a relationship can only be a good thing. Congratulations again!

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