Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts

Our top 5 favorite bridesmaid gifts that stand the test of time…


Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -

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For many bridesmaids, we will go above and beyond for our bride during this exciting time. Hands down, ready to go, we are here for you! But it’s always welcome and appreciated to have a bride who shows she cares as much as we do. Just being asked to be a bridesmaid for that special friend is heartwarming in and of itself, and with these 5 bridesmaid gifts, a bride can show her gratitude and make the whole experience even more fun and exciting as we near that big day!

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 bridesmaid gifts (we love!) and ones that will last well past the wedding.


Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts


Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -


1. Photo Book of Memories

– A top 5 favorite bridesmaid gift is definitely a photo book of all the great memories the two of you have shared over the years. Even if you haven’t known each other for very long, snapping some pictures and putting together a little collage of them will certainly make a huge impact. We suggest Artifact Uprising (above) or FreePrints Photobooks which is an app where the book is free and you only pay shipping. Showing your bridesmaid that you went the extra mile for her is something that is truly priceless and will never go unnoticed.


Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -


2. Glass with Sass

– We love the idea of having a cute glass with your name in gold. Sounds very simple, and in fact, it is, but the genuine thought behind it is warm and inviting. Brides should give their girls these glasses on the special bachelorette night where fun and games are plentiful. Or even while getting ready on the big day. Share a mimosa with the girls to calm the nerves and of course, just share in the excitement of the big day. These are the times that you remember most, and having a little token or memento of those moments are incredibly special. You’ll have the memories every time you look at the glass.


Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -


3. Champagne Gummy Bears

– Now these may not last very long past the wedding day, but these gummy bears made with champagne seem like an amazing idea! A fun way to “cheers” the day, champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina are delightful! Either Brute or Rose, these little treats can be shipped to you easy peasy! They are also sure to be the talk of the day. Well besides the beautiful wedding of course!

Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -


4. Compliment Bag

– Did you know we have a national holiday coming that is all about complimenting people you love? National Compliment Day is right around the corner, but we are definitely of the opinion that you can compliment year round. Bridesmaids love a little sweetness and these makeup bags with sweet compliments are perfect for the occasion. Simple, yet stylish, and found on Etsy, these darling makeup bags are unforgettable and will be an essential item your bridesmaids can’t live without.


Our Top 5 Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts | Bella Lily Bridal -


5. A-Mazing Soy Candle

– “A woman who is like a sister, a friend in every way, a special person who is asked to share in the Bride’s big day.” 100% agree! We’d also like to add that a bridesmaid made have her “duties,” but at the end of the day, the presence of one of your best friends is completely priceless and an event you may not be able to put words to. Your girls are capable of keeping you strong. Capable of picking you up when you’re feeling low. And even though she’ll be marrying a partner who will do these things for her also, there’s always a part of her that will need her girls.

And of course, we just love candles! That’s why this Etsy find and many other candles by this vendor are just sublime. Check out all the fun quotes and meanings these charming candles have.



For our top 5 favorite bridesmaid gifts, we would most likely make an audible gasp if we were to receive gifts like these. Perfect gifts for any bridesmaid, they are sure to make your gal pals exclaim with joy at these fun and sweet treats! Congratulations to the brides-to-be! And to all the bridesmaids out there, you are lovely and amazing too!

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